Saturday, June 15, 2024

University of Évora joins BATPOWER – Battery Cluster Portugal

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Batteries are a strategic part of Europe’s clean and digital transition and a key enabling technology, essential for European competitiveness. The European Union has therefore defined it as a strategic pillar to make Europe a world leader in the sustainable production and use of batteries.

Joining the Battery Cluster Portugal allows “integration into a platform that aggregates knowledge and competence in the field of energy storage systems – batteries – with a view to boosting the international competitiveness of the Portuguese sector in this technology,” says Luís Fialho, Researcher at CER.

This cluster includes other Portuguese entities, from companies to research and innovation bodies, which intend to invest in this area and consolidate a value chain. Its members are already developing the first joint project within the scope of a PRR – New Generation Storage – Mobilizing Agenda.

The University of Évora’s participation aims to help Portugal become a benchmark in research and innovation in batteries and advanced energy storage technologies.

The researcher also recalls that the Renewable Energies Chair has been developing solar energy and energy storage technologies since 2010, in order to boost the contribution of solar energy to the Energy Transition and decarbonization of our lifestyle.

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