Thursday, May 23, 2024

Online Event Showcasing 100 Remote Jobs Taking Place

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The ‘Careers Club’ event is scheduled for March 27 and is being organised in collaboration with Grow Remote, a remote working group.

There are now 120 employees at Otonomee in Europe. The company is hiring for 120 more positions, most of which will be in customer assistance, with some extra roles in operations, quality, and technical support.

The business wants to hire 1,000 people in total at some point. All the new positions are totally remote, and applicants may reside wherever in Ireland.

According to Brendan Ring, Otonomee’s chief people officer, “We believe in giving employees the choice of where they live and work.”

“For us, it is about giving people the autonomy to do their best work, wherever they live,” said Mr. Ring.

Grow Remote Communications Manager Joanne Mangan praised the new positions and stated that working remotely benefits people on a social, professional, and environmental level as well as companies and communities.

“It’s exciting to see an indigenous Irish company like Otonomee creating these new fully-remote opportunities, particularly at a time when many large tech companies are letting staff go or trying to bring staff back to the office.” stated Ms. Mangan.

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