Saturday, June 15, 2024

Milestone for Mercadona supermarket

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“The company ends 2023 with a team made up of 104,000 people, 5,300 in Portugal and 98,700 in Spain, after having created 5,000 new jobs last year”, according to a report by Notícias ao Minuto had access.

The company says that the evolution of its team “has been notable in recent years, especially since the beginning of Mercadona’s brutal transformation, announced at the end of 2016, to consolidate a more digital, productive, and sustainable company model”.

“Since then, the company has created 25,000 new jobs, which in relative terms represents an increase of 32%”.

Regarding Portugal, the supermarket chain says that it “is committed to stable, quality employment, with salaries above the sector average and with a minimum wage that, in Portugal, is 20% above the national minimum wage”.

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