Thursday, May 23, 2024

Lisbon best European city for fitness fanatics

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Research from Betway analysed 30 of the most populated cities in Europe, to determine which is the best place for those who like to stay active. The research looked at several factors, including the price of monthly gym memberships, the number of walks, the quality of air and green space, and the number of sunshine hours in each city.

Lisbon ranked as the number one city in Europe for those who like to stay active, particularly those who like to exercise in nature.

The Portuguese city sees around 2,799 hours of sunshine each year — the most of any European city analysed. The air quality (79) and green spaces (70) in Lisbon are also rated relatively high, according to the research.

In second place is Stockholm in Sweden. The city also boasts a huge 51 walks per 100,000 people, which is the highest amount of any European city analysed.

The city boasts even cleaner air than Lisbon, with a score of 84, plus a higher quality of green space (86). However, it does see much less sunshine than Lisbon, around 1,821 hours per year.

Rounding off the top three best cities in Europe for fitness fanatics is Vienna, Austria. Air quality in the city is just slightly lower than in Stockholm, with a score of 83, while its green spaces have been given a quality score of 84.

There may be only nine walks to choose from per every 100,000 residents, but the city does see 1,930 hours of sunshine each year.

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