Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Europeias. ‘Fake news’ can be reported to CNE’s WhatsApp

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The number for this service is 924.315.697 and, according to the CNE spokesperson, the former deputy Fernando Anastácio, some complaints have already been received and are being analysed.

These complaints “are being screened, analysed and then it is checked whether there is material for more in-depth work or not” and “if justified, MediaLab itself will make a specific report”, Fernando Anastácio explained to Lusa.

This analysis work is provided for in the agreement between the CNE, MediaLab, a communication science research institute integrated into ISCTE, with the aim of detecting and preventing any fake news until election day.

Gustavo Cardoso, coordinator of MediaLab, highlighted the importance, for researchers, of this WhatsApp data, “a different, closed social network” because “the information is encrypted, it is shared only between the people who want it”, and has been out of reach of those who study the phenomenon.

In India and Brazil, he exemplified, WhatsApp “is a major vehicle for misinformation”.

Some 373 million European voters are called to vote for the European Parliament between 6 and 9 June. In Portugal, the vote is on the 9th.

720 MEPs will be elected, 21 of whom are Portuguese.

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