Wednesday, May 22, 2024

€47,000 left in a backpack returned to owner in Cascais

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A man, who forgot a backpack which contained 47 thousand euros in the CascaiShopping restaurant area, managed to recover the bag and the money after it was handed over to the Republican National Guard (GNR) of Alcabideche.

According to Cascais24Horas, the man, of Asian origin, forgot his backpack in the restaurant area of that shopping centre on Wednesday night.

The backpack, which contained thousands of euros, was found by a cleaning employee, who handed it over to the security centre and it was later handed over to the GNR of Alcabideche.

This Thursday, the man returned to the shopping centre, where he was informed that the backpack was with the GNR. The security force ended up handing it over, after proving that the man was its rightful owner.

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