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All About May’s Flower Moon and What It Means for Your Zodiac Sign

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May’s full moon is in full bloom!

Often referred to as the Flower Moon, May’s full moon reaches peak illumination at 10:36 a.m. PT on Friday, May 5.

Like most full moons, many of the nicknames we use to describe them have historically come from “Native American, Colonial American or other traditional North American sources passed down through generations,” according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Just as April’s Pink Moon signaled the blossom of the wildflower Phlox subulata, May’s moon is named after all the other flowers that spring in North America during that time of year. Other monikers include Budding Moon, Egg Laying Moon, Frog Moon, Leaf Budding Moon, Planting Moon, and Moon of Shedding Ponies.

A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs during May’s full moon as it passes deep into the outer part of Earth’s shadow. Although it isn’t a blood moon lunar eclipse (when the moon takes on that reddish hue), sky gazers can expect to spot a slight shadow cast upon it as it reaches its max at 10:22 a.m. PT. (This is the deepest penumbral eclipse since February 2017 and until September 2042!)

Energetically, May’s full moon has a “powerful” place in this month’s zodiac calendar and arrives at 14 degrees of Scorpio, says astrologer Kyle Thomas. In fact, Thomas — known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers — tells PEOPLE, “that major events happen near lunar eclipses” and can be “three times more intense.”

Why? Because Thomas says we’re in eclipse season! “Lunar eclipses often bring their momentous news on the day of the event, within the week of it and more rarely a month prior or after.” Therefore, he suggests we “pay attention to the news that occurs now” because it may “shift your life significantly over the coming six months.”

To find out what May’s full moon could mean for you based on your zodiac sign, per Thomas’ suggestions, scroll on!

Aries (March 21-April 19)


Aries, Thomas says this lunar eclipse is likely to turn your attention to how you “share, give and receive in your important relationships.” On one hand, it could make your bond stronger “if you’re on steady ground,” but on the other hand, it could bring friction “if you “aren’t on the same page.”

The same could go with your romantic life, he adds. This eclipse “could draw attention to” it with “more passion arriving or a scandal coming out to face.” Whichever it may be, Thomas suggests you “face it head-on!”

Taurus (April 20-May 20)


A pivotal point in your life regarding partnerships is here, Taurus! Major decisions like moving in together, getting engaged or perhaps even married could be on the horizon depending on where you stand in your relationship. The same goes for “business partnerships,” according to Thomas.

However, this lunar eclipse could bring quite the opposite if “you’re on rocky ground,” he adds. “It could bring an intense and dramatic separation, pushing you to shatter apart.”

But Thomas is optimistic and you should be, too. “If this happens, you’re being directed to someone else and this is fate’s way of saying so,” he says. “Single Taureans are favored now to meet someone with long-term potential.”

Gemini (May 21-June 20)


Geminis could see a shakeup in their daily routines, according to Thomas. This could come in the form of employment, a major milestone project or even physical health, fitness, diet and exercise. “You may now have a revelation to make a major change,” he says.

Randomly, Thomas makes note that a “situation around a pet could also pop up” whether that means one leaving your life or “a new one entering.” If the latter, he believes the “pet would be a soulmate connection.”

Cancer (June 21-July 22)


Of all the zodiac signs, Thomas says passion is likely to feel extra strong for Cancers. Turning points may occur in romance, true love, hobbies, fertility or creativity where “you’ll be ignited to pursue your heart’s desires and not settle for less.”

If you’re a single Cancer, Thomas believes a “soulmate connection” is possible, while those who are in relationships “may find that the spark is hot once again with their long-term partner.” Furthermore, he notes this lunation “rules children,” so Cancers could “witness a milestone moment for one of their own.”

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)


Get ready to feel the feels, Leo, because “this lunation will rock your domestic life, home and family,” Thomas says. “A significant ending may occur near this time, such as moving, renovating or deciding to entirely redecorate.”

An “intense ending” or “emotional experience” may arise within your family due to the moon’s effect on Leo’s home life. “This will likely make you quite nostalgic and reflective on your heritage and the past,” Thomas says. “If someone you know needs help, step up to do so.”

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)


Open-mindedness is the name of the game, Virgo! “The lunar eclipse will activate your sector of communications, intellect and ideas.”

This may take place as an initiative in the form of writing, speaking or advertising, Thomas says, “while others will be focused on locking down a major contractual endeavor.”

Whatever it may be, your thoughts and voice need to be heard. “Use the energy of this time to step out of your comfort zone,” he insists.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)


According to Thomas, “an important moment around your financial life has arrived” for Libras. “This lunar eclipse will rock your income, wealth and resources,” he says.

“Many Libras will find that they are actually about to bring in more money due to a raise, side hustle or new job offer,” Thomas continues. But if a job or income stream ends at this time, he suggests using “this energy to get on the hunt for something even better.” The stars are on your side!

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)


The spotlight is on you, Scorpio! “Significant endings, breakthroughs or breakdowns could all happen, as you watch the previous chapter of your life fade away right before your eyes,” Thomas says.

“Now is a time to release the past and what isn’t serving you,” he adds in regard to relationships. Rather, “step upon the path to pursue what truly makes you happy.” Ultimately, destiny will be on your side, so Thomas suggests you “listen to the universe and create your future.”

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)


Sagittarius, Thomas wants you to listen to the cosmos, which is saying to “lay low and trust your stillness.” This lunar eclipse could feel difficult, as you “are forced to face your past, your baggage, your anxieties and your fears.”

He also notes that “some Sagittarians will also find that secrets or scandals emerge at this time that are karmic in nature and they are forced to face the music.” Therefore, he suggests the best thing to do is to “take a step back, meditate and listen to your intuition.”

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)


A change involving friends and your social circle could be right around the corner, Capricorn. “As the lunar eclipse energizes this area of your life, you could attend a major event, network up a storm or find that a friend steps in to aid you reach a heartfelt personal goal,” predicts Thomas.

Or the opposite may occur and a friend or acquaintance might “exit your life,” he adds. But at the same time, someone new may enter it, perhaps a “platonic soulmate connection,” Thomas hints. “You’ll soon realize that this person holds the keys to bringing you a whole new vision of happiness.”

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)


Get ready to feel the fire Aquarius as the approaching lunar eclipse could bring a spark to your career, ambitions and public recognition. “A significant award, promotion, new job offeror publicity could appear and lift your name into the sky,” Thomas notes.

However, if a job comes to an end around this time, he suggests looking at it from a different perspective, like “you’re being redirected to a new position elsewhere or a fresh career path altogether.”

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)


It’s time to soar in vast new directions, Pisces! As the lunar eclipse positively aligns with your zodiac sign, Thomas says “you’ll find that you now have the impetus and courage to shake it up and step out of your comfort zone.”

He continues, “Many Pisceans could reach a newfound milestone around a long-distance project or travel situation.” For others, it could be in the form of education and the decision to go back to school (if not in school already).

“Last, if you’re tied to the media, publishing or international business, a big change is sure to happen,” Thomas concludes.

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