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Vegan food in Portugal: supermarkets, shops, restaurants and more

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For some years now the vegan phenomenon has been responsible for changing the way of life of many Portuguese people and meat-loving Portugal on the whole. Nowadays, it is no longer a question of adhering to a mass phenomenon, but rather of finding solutions to become a responsible consumer and have the most diverse diet possible. When it comes to vegan food in Portugal, we’ve been on the hunt for the best supermarkets, shops, restaurants and more, so that being vegan in Portugal doesn’t have to be a chore. 

Vegan food advantages

Nowadays, talking about vegan food is talking about a healthy diet which in general is plant-based. Vegan products help prevent health problems associated with over consumption of meat and, according to an Oxford University study published in 2019, vegan food also reduces our carbon footprint.

The vegan market in Portugal is constantly growing and therefore we want to help you get the most of the advantages of a vegan diet through this list of the best vegan markets, shops and supermarkets in Portugal, as well as some of Portugal’s best vegan restaurants. This guide will be especially useful for those who have moved to Portugal who still don’t know where to go to get the best vegan food. And for those who live in smaller towns with less variety, there are also several online markets and shops to buy vegan products that will reach your home in no time.

How to know if products are vegan

Part of everyday life for vegan consumers involves confirming exactly whether products are vegan, especially in Portugal with food labels in a foreign language. There are however quick and simple ways that allow you to distinguish vegan products and foods from non-vegan ones. 

To find out if products and foods are vegan you should read the information on the packaging as closely as possible. Many vegan foods have a seal to make this identification obvious. We are talking precisely about the yellow and green V-Label created by the European Vegetarian Union in 1996 and which sells more than 15,000 products in 27 countries, including Portugal. It helps consumers to know which products are 100% of plant origin.

It is worth bearing in mind that being vegan is not just about stopping eating meat, fish and animal-derived food. Being vegan implies paying attention to other things, such as clothing, hygiene and cosmetics. Veganism more than a healthy diet is also a lifestyle.

Vegan food Lisbon: the best vegan shops and supermarkets in Lisbon

It’s time to go shopping together to find the best vegan food in Lisbon. Being the capital of the country, it is normal to find a wide variety of vegan products in Lisbon, but with an ever increasing offer it is not always easy to make a decision as to what is best.

If you’re shopping in the city centre, you can find Green Beans which sells all kinds of vegan products, including a panoply of delicious vegan cheeses and seeds. As for fresh vegan products you can find them at Miosótis in Saldanha, while in Martim Moniz’s oriental market, vegan delicacies from the Asian world are available, as well as products such as hummus and 100% vegan peanut butter.

If you are one of those who seeks the universe of veganism more diverse you should visit the vegan grocery store Pistácio in Lisbon, where many foods, drinks, books, decorative objects, among others are available, always with the ethical-environmental concern in mind. If you like to dress up, the sustainable world of fashion has also been able to change the paradigm. The marketplace Fair Bazaar, in the Príncipe Real area, has a diversity of vegan cosmetic products that have not been tested on animals. When it comes to eating out, there are also a wide range of vegan restaurants in Lisbon, not to mention vegan fast food in Portugal on the whole. 

Vegan food Porto: the best vegan shops and supermarkets in Porto

There are many restaurants and shops with vegan products in Porto that will make you feel at home. The different vegan brands in Porto are environmentally friendly and have several sections, so you can find all the eco-friendly materials you are looking for.

The Vegana shop in Porto located in Santo Ildefonso presents all kinds of vegan foods, ranging from coffees, cereals and biscuits for a rich breakfast, to pet food to change the habits of your furry friends. The main objective of this brand is to meet the needs of its public and, allow those who don’t know it, to embrace the vegan lifestyle.

There are many other vegan restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops in Porto, such as the Casa Nova restaurant with some vegan dishes, the São Mamede bakery with products familiar to the Portuguese and sold in a vegan version. My Green Pastry in Porto is also 100% vegan and has a delicious pain au chocolat. Even the dishes from Italy are not indifferent to veganism and in Portugal’s second city you can visit the Vegan Pizza restaurant with dishes that promise to fill your stomach with plant-based delights.

Vegan markets and restaurants in the Algarve

If you on holiday in the south of the country in the Algarve and do not know where to eat, we’ve got you covered, as our suggestions of vegan restaurants in the Algarve promise to leave you satisfied.

The restaurant with signature food “Outro Lado” in Faro has a variety of vegan dishes served with a touch of class, while an obligatory stop on this route looking for the best vegan shops and restaurants in Portugal is the Veganices grocery store in Tavira. Born two decades ago, this is where vegans from the south of the country find answers for their habits. On sale are seeds, flours, dried fruits, some hummus pastes and even vegan snacks. Veganices in Tavira is a far cry from conventional grocery stores as there are no plastic bags, so that people can reuse them.

Natural.mente in Portimão is a vegan restaurant designed for those who enjoy Brazilian tastes, and where sweet and savoury tapiocas, colourful fruit smoothies, caipirinhas, flour farofa and even 100% vegan feijoadas are available. It is an excellent alternative for those who dream of travelling the world’s traditional foods without abandoning veganism.

Supermarkets with vegan products in Portugal

As you can see, the offer of vegan foods and products in Portugal is wide. Thanks to a change in mentalities, there are many supermarkets that invest in this industry. One of the supermarkets with the most vegan products in Portugal is in El Corte Inglés.

Vegan foods are also on the shelves of “O Celeiro” and “Bioforma“, where you can buy some supplements, vitamins and cruelty-free cosmetics products. You can buy vegan food in Lidl supermarkets, a German chain with its own brands. Among them are Next Level Meat, with burgers and bites made from pea, soya and wheat protein, and the FinCare brand of chocolates without animal ingredients.

The Portuguese Vegetarian Association (Associação Vegetariana Portuguesa (AVP)) was recently responsible for a study on the supermarkets with the largest vegan offer in order to help consumers find vegan products in Portugal. In most of them, you will come across quite popular brands, such as Iglo, Garden Gourmet, SWEE or even the centenary Portuguese brand Izidoro. All of them have vegan foods and foods that promise to enrich your dishes.

How to buy vegan products online in Portugal?

Almost all Portuguese cities have vegan and organic products, as well as tasty artisanal options that are worth knowing. However, there are always those who prefer to buy vegan products online and receive them calmly at home, or those that have no other option.

Buying vegan products and food online is not complicated at all and you just have to know where to look. We recommend the Easygreen Store, an alternative with various sausages, butters and eggs, all of which are totally vegan.

Another option is EverVegan, born to “feed with love”, which has exceptional pesticide-free, GMO-free and gluten-free vegan products, with free delivery on orders over €30. Mercadao is another site with many Portuguese products, including a section of vegan products. Door to door, vegan food boxes are also delivered by Vegan Vibe, an idea that allows you to enjoy the versatility of vegan cuisine with many unique products from around the world.

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