Monday, June 17, 2024

Suspected Meteor Turns Sky Over Portugal an Astonishing Neon Blue

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A suspected meteor lit up the sky over Portugal and Spain late Saturday night, prompting witnesses to flood social media with videos of the spectacular blue fireball.

One video, apparently filmed on a driver’s dash-cam, shows a burst of blue light blazing across the sky. Another captures a crowd reacting with awe and dismay as the entire sky turns neon blue while the apparent meteor falls.

Authorities in Viseu, Portugal, told Publico they had been alerted to reports of an object falling in the sky but that they had so far not been able to find whatever it was that came crashing down to Earth. The outlet said the Civil Protection agency initially reported a “meteorite fall” but then retracted that statement.

It was not immediately clear where the suspected meteor would have landed, though it may have simply burned up in the atmosphere.

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