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Portugal’s new £17m motorway that will improve traffic in major Algarve city

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The bustling city of Olhão in Portugal‘s Algarve region is set to receive a significant infrastructural upgrade with the launch of a new bypass on the Estrada Nacional 125 (EN125).

The eagerly awaited project, initiated by Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP), entails an investment of 20 million euros, aimed at enhancing traffic flow and safety within the region.

IP, the company entrusted with managing Portugal’s road network, highlighted the strategic significance of the investment, emphasising its alignment with the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).

The bypass is poised to alleviate congestion along the EN125, a vital artery linking Faro and Vila Real de Santo António, by circumventing the urban confines of Olhão.

“Investing 20 million euros (£17million) in this endeavour underscores our commitment to bolstering vital transportation infrastructure,” stated a spokesperson for IP.

“This project represents the twentieth initiative launched under the PRR – a testament to our dedication to fostering sustainable development with European Union support.”

Describing the scope of the project, IP outlined plans for the construction of a six-kilometre (3.7 miles) road bypass equipped with one lane in each direction and seven strategically positioned roundabouts to integrate seamlessly with the local road network.

The bypass will commence at kilometre 111.600 of the EN125, west of Olhão, and culminate at an existing roundabout to the east, linking the EN125 and the EN398.

“The bypass will chart a path around Olhão from the north, traversing key locales including Torrejão, Bela Mandil, João de Ourém, Arrochela, Quinta do Calhau, Quinta do Major, Ponte de Quelfes (Olhão cemetery), and Piares,” detailed IP.

In addition to alleviating traffic congestion, the project aims to enhance safety along the notoriously accident-prone EN125. By diverting through-traffic away from the urban core of Olhão, the bypass is poised to mitigate the risk of accidents, thereby fostering safer travel conditions for motorists and pedestrians alike.

“The significance of this project extends beyond mere infrastructural development; it represents a tangible step towards safeguarding lives and enhancing the efficiency of our transportation network,” remarked the IP spokesperson.

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