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Portugal home to two of the world’s bluest seas

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As most holiday anecdotes involve swimming in ‘the bluest water you have ever seen,’ researchers at CV Villas wanted to finally settle the argument and reveal where in the world actually has the bluest sea.

To discover this, they took unedited Google Maps screenshots of 200 beaches around the globe and used a colour dropper tool to find the RGB code of each body of water. This was then cross-referenced with the RGB code of the world’s bluest shade of blue (YInMn Blue), which was officially declared the bluest shade of blue in 2016 by Oregon State University. Using the calculator, the researchers then worked out which locations’ water was closest to YInMn Blue, crowning it the world’s bluest shade of blue.

The research revealed that Pasqyra Beach in Albania claims the top spot. The beach is known around the world as ‘Mirror Beach,’ it is considered to be a highlight of the Albanian coastline when the sunlight hits the surface of the sea, creating a mirror-like effect.

Portugal’s Praia do Carvalho placed 8th in the world, while Praia de Boneca placed 25th on the list. Praia do Carvalho, close to the resort town of Praia do Carvoeiro, is surrounded by high cliffs, this small beach is known for its soft, golden sand and crystal-clear water. Sheltered from the wind, Praia do Carvalho is perfect for unwinding, swimming, snorkelling, and cliff diving.

Praia de Boneca beach, in Lagos, is accessible by boat, or if you’re willing to walk from a neighbouring beach (just be careful of the tide).

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