Friday, May 24, 2024

Plans for New Data Centre Campus That Could Create 165 Jobs Being Considered

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The first two phases of a 52MW IT capacity facility being developed by US-based Vantage Data Centres at Grange Castle’s Profile Park are scheduled to launch later this year.

There is potential for a third complex to be built on the 22-acre property in the future.

The firm claims that a 100MVA multifuel generating plant located on the property will power the new campus.

It will be able to run on a variety of fuels, mainly grid-fed petrol and hydrotreated vegetable oil.

“Given the temporary power constraints in Dublin, this on-site generation plant will support current capacity constraints by alleviating pressure on energy demand from the grid while achieving optimal efficiency and power output,” the company stated in a statement.

“The generation plant is also capable of funnelling power back to the grid, further supporting power availability in the Dublin area,” the business stated.

“In addition, Vantage plans to deploy HVO in place of conventional diesel fuel throughout its fleet of back-up generators and is working to obtain corporate power purchase agreements (CPPAs) for green energy, such as biomethane from local providers,” it stated.

Scattered over seven nations, the campus will be Vantage Data Center’s 14th in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region.

According to the corporation, which asserts that it is dedicated to environmental responsibility and reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2030, the data centres will cool with nearly no water use.

According to David Howson, president of Vantage Data Centres’ EMEA region, “this development will have a significant positive economic impact on the community as we employ more than 1,100 individuals during peak construction and create approximately 165 jobs to operate the campus.”

The South Dublin Chamber welcomed the news of the investment, stating that it demonstrated the company’s faith in the region.

“Vantage Data Centres will not only be contributing to local employment and taxation but will be ensuring the safety of our data and future-proofing business for years to come with this major investment in technology,” stated Peter Byrne, CEO of the South Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

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