Thursday, May 23, 2024

New Road Safety Tech to Be Introduced in Ireland

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To communicate pertinent safety-related warnings and advisory messages with drivers, cars equipped with “Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems” may talk to other connected vehicles, roadside infrastructure, and traffic management control centres.

Drivers in their cars will receive real-time safety alerts via their automobiles thanks to technology.

The M50 and M1 motorways’ roadside units, or tablets linked to them, will receive the safety warnings via smartphone applications connected to the mobile phone network.

The gadgets will show alerts about traffic jams, accidents, parked cars, construction, and inclement weather.

Additionally, they will locate any nearby electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for the motorist.

Although there is no vehicle automation in the pilot drivers will always oversee their vehicle technology plays a significant role in the move towards self-driving cars.

The pilot is being delivered by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) on behalf of the Department of Transport.

1,500 members of the public are invited to participate in the pilot, which will continue until the end of 2024, according to TII.

They will participate in the development and deployment of linked vehicles and be among the first in Ireland to experience the new driving technology.

The public can express interest in taking part in the pilot by visiting and filling out a brief questionnaire that will determine whether they are eligible to participate.

As part of the C-Roads Platform, a collaborative effort between 18 EU member states and road operators, the pilot programme is co-funded by the EU. Its goal is to standardise the requirements for the deployment and execution of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems on European roads.

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