Saturday, June 15, 2024

IBM Ireland Creating 800 Tech Positions

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They promised to contribute to the development of cutting-edge software that would enhance security, automation, and hybrid cloud computing by using the newest Artificial Intelligence technology.

The large-scale, fundamental language models that are essential to generative AI will be part of the AI technology.

Ireland will remain one of IBM’s key hubs worldwide, and the investment will generate hundreds of jobs in research and development, digital sales, and consultancy.

The positions will be developed at IBM locations in Cork, Dublin, and at Red Hat, an IBM subsidiary with headquarters in Waterford.

The new hires will contribute to Ireland’s strong and highly qualified technological talent pool, which supports employment in knowledge-intensive and high-technology industries, by joining IBM’s and Red Hat’s dynamic and varied workforce.

Over the course of its more than 65 years in Ireland, IBM has continuously improved its skills and operations to support the company’s worldwide strategy.

Through its activities in Ireland, they assist customers in a variety of industries, including healthcare and financial services, in streamlining their business processes, boosting productivity, and using technology to achieve a competitive edge. Additionally, the sole IBM Research centre in the EU is located in Ireland.

IDA Ireland, the Irish government is funding the three-year investment.

“I very much welcome IBM’s announcement which not only reinforces the company’s deep-rooted commitment to Ireland as a strategic location but is also set to deliver a real impact to the Irish economy through job creation and by strengthening specialist skills and expertise,” Taoiseach Simon Harris said in reference to the news.

Additionally, this announcement highlights Ireland’s ongoing appeal as a top destination for international businesses looking to expand their capabilities in digitalization, research, and innovation.

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