Monday, June 17, 2024

Fireball? Meteor? Bright light illuminates skies across the country

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A bright light illuminated the skies across the country, early on Saturday night, around 11:50 pm. The phenomenon, which still has no official explanation, was seen in several places, namely in cities such as Lisbon, Porto, Vila Real or Leiria.

The moment caused a trail of light in the skies of blue or green color, according to several reports shared on social networks.

It is even being considered that it may have been a meteor or meteorite (commonly known as a fireball).

The Civil Protection even activated means, during the early hours of the morning, for the area of ​​Castro Daire, district of Viseu, to respond to a “possible meteorite fall”, but ended up demobilizing the emergency services, admitting new searches in the morning.

The Meteo Trás os Montes Portugal page shared several images, which you can see below.

[News updated at 07:40 am]

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