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Fire in the “technical area” of the Ponta Delgada hospital. Patients evacuated

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A fire broke out this Saturday morning at the Hospital Divino Espírito Santo, in Ponta Delgada, in the Azores, forcing the transfer of ventilated patients to a private health unit. According to the communication office of the Hospital do Divino Espírito Santo, “the ventilated patients will be transferred to the CUF Hospital”, located in the city of Lagoa, on the island of São Miguel, and “in principle some patients will also be transferred to the Health Center”, according to the Lusa agency. The same source added that “the hospital discharges of the inpatients who would leave today were brought forward”. The largest Azorean health unit also pointed out that “the fire was detected on the 1st floor and the hospital’s emergency plan was activated and all the measures provided for in it are being taken”. The fire occurred “in a technical area” and “is circumscribed”. The hospital unit reported the occurrence through social networks, having informed that, “for technical reasons beyond the control of HDES, visits are suspended until further notice”. For security reasons, the hospital also asked the population to avoid going to the institution “unless in an emergency/urgent situation”.

Later, the entity specified that the emergency service, the operating room and the delivery room were closed, having asked “all patients in an emergency situation to go to the CUF Açores Hospital”.

Due to the fire, the mass of the sick, which was to be held this morning, in the hospital unit, within the scope of the feast of the Lord Holy Christ, was not celebrated, according to information from the Diocese of Angra. In the note sent to the newsrooms by the Diocesan Service of Social Communications of the Church, the bishop of Angra regrets the fire, which prevented the celebration of the Eucharist in the Hospital Chapel. “It is undoubtedly a sad event and that is why my first word goes to the Hospital Administration, to the Hospital Chaplaincy, but above all to the patients. If there is a place where the Feast of the Lord Holy Christ should arrive, it was this one” said Armando Esteves Domingues to the Sítio Igreja Açores. In addition to the Eucharistic celebration, a visit to the wards was planned. “I had the opportunity to leave a word to the patients and I want to express here my thanks to everyone for the work they had in preparing this party that unfortunately cannot be held”, stresses the diocesan prelate. The causes of the fire are still unknown. The Volunteer Firefighters of Ponta Delgada are on the scene. [News updated at 13:32] Also Read: Air Force squadron reaches 506 flight hours during medical transport (Portuguese version)

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