Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Family looking for information about missing man

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Sister Sabine Schell, told The Portugal News: “My brother has been missing since Saturday, May 4, 2024. He had been travelling in Portugal for several months and was joyfully on his way home to Germany to his family – unfortunately, he never arrived.

“Thanks to the tremendous help of thousands of people across Europe who shared our search flyer and became actively involved, some helpful clues were indeed found and passed on to the police. We know that his last location was at the Miradouro Santa Luzia parking lot in Viseu. People saw him and his white converted Vito (campervan) and even took photos of him in the background. Currently, we assume that he was assaulted that night, as neither his phone nor any other signs of life have emerged since.

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“Glass shards were also found at his parking spot. A few meters away at another parking spot, more glass shards were found”.

“For us, the uncertainty and the ongoing search are the worst – where is my brother? What happened to him and where have they taken him/what have they done to him? The police are actively investigating, yet we are grateful for any help, any clue, and any attention from the Portuguese citizens and hope that through their assistance, as many people as possible can receive this message and we can finally find him!”

The family asks that information about Artur be emailed to .

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