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Expat warns British tourists of huge ‘rip off’ in Portugal

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An expat who is an expert on beloved British tourist hotspot Portugal has revealed what to avoid if you “don’t want to get ripped off”.

Portugal is favoured by UK holidaymakers looking for a break in the sun.

But now a former UK resident is warning tourists against eating in a certain place in the country’s capital Lisbon if they don’t want to feel scammed.

Dave – who runs YouTube channel Dave in Portugal – said thanks to “tourist trap” restaurants visitors are often ripped off when it comes to eating out.

The YouTuber shared advice on what “not to do” in Lisbon if you “don’t want to get ripped off”, reports GB News.

He specifically warned against eating in the Baixa district. He claims that people are often overcharged there.

“These restaurants are complete tourist traps that will rip you off,” said Dave.

He added: “Usually they are not owned by Portuguese people and the cuisine is absolutely terrible.”

Dave goes on to say that tourists could be charged three or four times the price of a more traditional Portuguese restaurant.

Another note of caution from Dave – don’t get “trapped” in the nightlife area of Bairro Alto as he claimed it can get “a little bit dodgy and crazy there”. 

He said that although the offers appear great, the booze is often watered down.

Meanwhile, furious tourists have given a shocking warning to fellow holidaymakers about a notorious Greek bar.

Brits planning their summer getaways in Greece this year are being alerted to the shocking tactics allegedly being used by an infamous venue to trick tourists.

Mykonos eatery DK Oyster has hit the headlines for reportedly charging its guests extortionate amounts for meals and drinks – so much so that Tripadvisor was forced to issue a warning on its website.

Now new reviews of the venue – posted online in April – have reinforced the message for visitors to the island to stay away.

One family said on Tripadvisor they were charged 222 Euros (£190) for five drinks.

It reads: “This place should be avoided at ALL costs! 

“They are located at Petinos beach, with black umbrellas and sunbeds. They are con artists and prey on unsuspecting tourists. 

“They supposedly offer you free sunbeds if you buy a drink at their place. Two beers and three juices later, they charged us 222 euros! Which also included a service charge, of 40+ euros!”

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