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Europe’s ‘Little England’ that’s a leading expat hotspot

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Retiring abroad is an attractive prospect for many Britons nearing the start of their golden years. But where to choose?

Life as a British expat can be full of opportunities but it can also be difficult to leave behind friends, family and home comforts.

The expert team at have recommended a gorgeous destination in Portugal for British expats who might be considering the move alone.

They suggested beautiful Lagos, a seaside tourist destination in Portugal, as the best place to retire as an expat.

The resort town is often affectionately referred to as ‘Little England’ due to its popularity among British expats and tourists.

According to , house prices tend to drop outside the city centre, making it an affordable choice for retirees.

Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in western Europe and expats can expect to pay less for alcohol, groceries and other essentials.

Glenda, a retiree from the USA, explained that she has “an incredible lifestyle” in Lagos for 40 percent less than she was spending in America.

She added: “I envied laidback Europeans, who smiled a lot and hung out with each other over fences, in town squares at the bakery…why couldn’t I live like that?

“Then I started reading International Living and realised I could live like those relaxed, easygoing Europeans.”

The retired expat said she then visited Lagos with her son and knew she’d found her dream retirement destination.

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