Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Developing the gaming industry in Portugal

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The GAME-ER project aims to support, over the next three years, local video game clusters in France, the Czech Republic, Italy, Scotland and Fundão, in Portugal, helping policymakers to boost the industry through these examples.

The idea is to “provide useful information to legislators and leaders of the video game industry, from the perspective of six regional ‘clusters’”, the Fundão Chamber said.

“The Municipality of Fundão intends to enhance the existing ecosystem, aiming to attract and retain talent, in addition to diversifying the business fabric, with a special focus on the gaming industry, which is growing in Portugal”.

The municipality, in the district of Castelo Branco, considers this to be a strategy to promote innovation, attract investment and create jobs.

“The initiative recognizes the vital role that these local and regional clusters play in promoting innovation, economic growth and social cohesion”.

GAME-ER has funding of three million euros under Horizon Europe, “the largest European program to support innovation and research”.

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