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Airbus expands in Portugal

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Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Information Management, Engineering, Communications, Customer Service, Legal and Compliance are the areas in which Airbus is looking to hire in Portugal.

Airbus will hire 300 employees in Portugal this year in order to develop its activities in Lisbon, where the European aircraft manufacturer hosted its global business services center last year.

According to an Airbus press release, this subsidiary “already employs more than 130 professionals in the areas of administration, transactions, reporting and IT services, and is now looking for an additional 300 employees, mainly with profiles in the areas of finance, human resources and procurement.” It is now looking for an additional 300 employees, mainly in the areas of finance, human resources, procurement, information management, engineering, communications, customer service, legal and compliance.

“After Airbus identified the need to create a new centralized and specialized global business services hub, Lisbon emerged as an ideal connection point in Europe, because it meets all the requirements: available specialists/talent, presence of GBS sector, accessibility, attractive and safe location, regulation compliant GDPR and a favorable working environment,” the European aircraft manufacturer noted in a press release.

Airbus explains that this center currently ensures “the control and security of critical Airbus data and processes, by structuring Airbus standards at a global level, by linking processes across the chain and coordinating tools to improve the effectiveness of support services.”

“When we started our operations eight months ago, it was clear that we needed qualified professionals to grow quickly. Today, we are proud to have a strong team of 130 professionals from 21 different nationalities. We continue to recruit local and international talent with profiles. They are very important to our operations, Such as finance, procurement and information management (IM), this is an important opportunity for people who want to join the Airbus family and an open door to learn and advance their careers around the world.” Charles Huguet, Managing Director, Airbus GPS.

Attractive salary

According to Airbus, this international development platform offers “an attractive salary package as well as various benefits that enhance professional and personal well-being, including health insurance, life insurance, an annual bonus for Airbus’s global success, as well as a ‘company stock’ purchase program for employees.”

Global Business Services Center employees also benefit from the Employee Support Programme, which provides support in various areas, such as legal, finance and childcare, as well as a flexible work policy that promotes internal and international mobility.

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