Thursday, May 23, 2024

75 Jobs To Be Created by Green Rebel

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Both in Limerick, Cork, and aboard Green Rebel’s survey vessels, the roles will be based.

Oceanographers, geophysicists, data scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers, survey vessel crew, technicians, and project leads are among the new employers.

In order to meet the demand for its services, the company stated that it is actively hiring for 25 of the positions and plans to hire an additional 50 people over the following two years.

The Irish businessman Pearse Flynn founded Green Rebel in 2020, with a focus on gathering, analysing, and processing data related to marine, aerial, and met-ocean environments.

It makes use of aircraft, survey boats, LiDAR buoys, and other Limerick-designed and assembled technologies.

The business is working on projects in Scotland, Ireland, and off the coast of continental Europe.

Additionally, it has several possible projects in foreign markets, including Australia and the United States.

“Green Rebel is a global competitor,” stated Kieran Ivers, the company’s CEO.

“We have rapidly expanded into new markets in mainland Europe and the UK, with our eyes firmly fixed on providing our services to other international markets.

“Our experience is that the talent is here and we want to ensure the economic value is created and stays in Ireland,” he stated.

During a visit to Green Rebel’s Limerick headquarters, Minister of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment Simon Coveney predicted that the offshore wind industry will create tens of thousands of jobs in Ireland over the next few decades.

“Green Rebel is beating down a path for other Irish supply chain companies to follow and is building confidence in this sector,” he stated.

High-end engineering and instrumentation have been used by Green Rebel to develop and produce vital technologies for the offshore wind industry.

“Already we’re seeing the opportunities internationally with Green Rebel’s technologies being used by a number of tier-one ORE developers in this field,” he stated.

According to Enterprise Ireland, Green Rebel’s announcement today highlights the opportunity for Irish businesses to supply the sustainable energy industry.

Mark Christal, Manager of Food and Sustainability at Enterprise Ireland, stated: “Green Rebel’s creative technology and exceptional team are leading the development of the green energy sector and we look forward to working with the company as it implements its ambitious growth strategy.”

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