Friday, February 23, 2024

‘They work differently!’ An expat shares a warning for Britons moving to Portugal

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Expats looking for a change of scenery, lifestyle and weather may choose to move to a sunny spot like Portugal.

One man who moved to the country shared a main difference Britons should consider before moving.

He said he found how people behave in Portugal contrasts the UK in many cases.

“Sometimes the Portuguese work differently from the people in the UK,” the expat said.

He said some behaviour is “different” in Portugal


“We had that tree cut down over there, the electrical company came and chopped the tree.

“In the UK, for someone to come onto your land they’ve got to send you a letter or give you a call.

“They can’t just rock up and chop your tree down. In Portugal, they can.”

The expat said he only knew there were people on his land cutting his tree down when he saw them on security footage.

He said things like that are considered “normal” in the country.

The expat added while speaking in the YouTube channel Travel Beans: “I think that’s perfectly normal here in Portugal, or so I’ve been told.”

Despite the warning, there are many positives to moving to Portugal.

It enjoys some of the warmest weather in Europe and there are plenty of stunning beaches to visit where expats can soak up the sun.

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