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Ignite your senses! When love planet Venus comes home to stable sign Taurus, romance is slow and sensual. Here’s how to fully enjoy the Venus in Taurus transit, March 16 to April 11.

Quick question: Would you rather be eye candy or soul food? During the Venus in Taurus transit, you don’t have to choose. With the planet of beauty and amour in this aesthetic and earthy sign, adornment is an art form—but not at the expense of true, heartfelt connection.

Slipping into this relaxed groove is honestly a relief after the past few weeks of Venus transiting through fast and fiery Aries. Sure, it’s been exciting. But that level of passion is hard to sustain, and we’ve had our fill of it since February 20.

Better still? Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, so the celestial love goddess is in her planetary power zone here. The whole world buzzes with “romantic hero(ine) energy” during this annual cycle.

As you ease into the Venus in Taurus transit, remember this: There’s nothing basic about settling down or enjoying old-fashioned courtship rituals. These gestures have never stopped making humans swoon. Buy the bouquet of tulips, cook your boo their favorite pasta dish (and feel free to open up a special bottle), write a letter on stationery and drop it in the mail.

When Venus is in Taurus, remembering the little things makes love feel extra special!

What does the Venus in Taurus transit mean?

When we say “Venus is in Taurus” what we actually mean is that Venus is orbiting through the part of the sky that is dedicated to Taurus. While this was once marked by an actual constellation, the stars have indeed shifted; however, geometry remains constant and Taurus still owns that 30% wedge of the heavens!

For approximately 3-5 weeks each year, the planet of love, beauty and luxury slips into the “costume” of each zodiac sign. During the Venus in Taurus transit that might be “Lizzo meets Gigi Hadid.” (Both are Tauruses, by the way). The opulent embellished diva meets the sweet girl next door. An odd mashup, we know, but go ahead and wear your bustier under jeans.

I’m single (and looking), so how will the Venus in Taurus transit help me find love?

Taurus rules the senses, so put more effort into your presentation—if only to turn yourself on by your own reflection! Know that your olfactory responses could outweigh visuals. If you love how your date smells (and vice versa), it’s on!

Taurus is the sign that rules our values, so make sure your search criteria includes people who share your idea about what is important in life. Even on the first few dates, open up conversations about money, family plans, housing preferences and what your ideal relationship structure looks like. Just try to leave room for open discourse instead of digging in your heels like that stubborn Bull at the first sign of disagreement.

What does the Venus in Taurus transit mean for my relationship?

If you’ve found your person there’s only one thing to do during the Venus in Taurus transit: touch them often! Tactile Taurus is all about affection. What begins as a shoulder rub (a Taurus erogenous zone) could heat up into hours of sweet, sweet love. And do bring the chocolate, strawberries and silk scarves into the bed with you. Foreplay is an art form during this cycle. On a more mundane level, couples can get on the same page about day-to-day matters. But try to set a cozy mood before you start a big conversation about household repairs and bills.

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Venus in Taurus horoscopes for every zodiac sign

Aries (March 21-April 19) Venus in Taurus transit horoscope

When it comes to love, you sometimes have to remind yourself that it’s the journey that matters most—not just reaching some milestone destination. When romantic Venus sashays into sensual Taurus until April 11, you’ll get a cosmic wake-up call to pay more attention to the greatest pleasures in life and amour. Ultimately it’s not about what you HAVE, but enjoying the “small” and sensual things together, like delicious meals, conversations that connect you, and ambling hand in hand.

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Venus in Taurus transit horoscope

You won’t have to hustle to win people’s hearts and minds during the Venus in Taurus transit, Bull. Your cosmic ruler, captivating Venus, grooves in your sign until April 11. You could start your own charm school, and you’ll have no problem drawing in a fleet of admirers. Since Venus also rules your highest values, use these weeks to filter out the people and things you don’t want in your world—or have time for. Then, make a point of savoring the moments you spend with your favorite people.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) Venus in Taurus transit horoscope

Sensual Venus drifts into Taurus, loving up your twelfth house of poetry and fantasy until April 11. You’re ready and willing to be swept away, Gemini, but make sure you don’t fall for every charmer who gallops in on a white steed. (Which might be a rental, FWIW!) You’re susceptible to illusion under the Venus in Taurus transit, so while you do need to let down the drawbridge discerningly, you don’t want to slip into that river called Denial. Coupled Twins, take a break from logistics and enjoy some chill time together.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Venus in Taurus transit horoscope

Searching for a soulmate? Look no further than your own inner circle while love planet Venus makes its annual orbits through your eleventh house of friends and technology until April 11. Single Crabs could meet intriguing prospects through group activities or online dating. And let your friends match make you. Already attached? Lunge into spring training by doing some outdoorsy things with your sweetie or spending more social time with your blended crews.

Leo (July 23-August 22) Venus in Taurus transit horoscope

It’s no trade secret that when you look your best, you exude confidence and attract people who care for themselves as well. So while aesthetically minded Venus glides into your tenth house of public image and career until April 11, rip a page from her beauty book and hit the refresh button on your work wardrobe. It’s networking season, Leo, and you’ll want to style a professional look that reflects your savvy AND glamour. If your budget’s tight, try a rental service for a few of those Zoom pitch-meeting moments.

Virgo (August 23-September 22) Venus in Taurus transit horoscope

Romantic prospects don’t just exist within city limits, Virgo. So if you’re in the market for amour, widen your search parameters! While love planet Venus jets into your worldly ninth house until April 11, expanding your dating options far and wide. Nudge yourself outside your comfort zone. A cross-cultural connection or a long-distance love could materialize over the coming weeks, so keep your mind—and eyes—wide open during the Venus in Taurus transit. Coupled? Hit the road! Enjoying a change of scenery can rekindle the flames.

Libra (September 23-October 22) Venus in Taurus transit horoscope

You don’t normally go for mind games when it comes to affairs of the heart. But your ruler, romantic Venus, glides into earthy Taurus and your seductive eighth house for three weeks. Between March 16 and April 11, you might discover that playing a little hard-to-get raises the heat on amour. Flash a coquettish smile, send a suggestive text—but don’t signal a green light when your heart says yellow (or red!). Attached? This Venus transit can help you take things to a much deeper level of intimacy.  Step one: Get vulnerable!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) Venus in Taurus transit horoscope

The thermostat is rising in your love life, Scorpio! While love planet Venus sashays into your seventh house of committed relationships, your powers of attraction are sent off the charts. Looking to turn a situationship into something more serious? Put it out there: Your connection could escalate like a wildfire over the next few weeks. Already coupled? Play up your dynamic duality by co-hosting a spring soiree or even launching a side hustle together.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Venus in Taurus transit horoscope

All hands on deck! You may become a DIY doyenne over the coming weeks, as crafty Venus laces into your sixth house of efficiency and well-being until April 11. You might find yourself in the mood to color-code your bookshelves or learn to make healing herbal concoctions in your apothecary, um, kitchen. The guiding principle is: anything that makes your life happier, healthier or more streamlined will do you a world of good.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Venus in Taurus transit horoscope

Special PSA for Capricorns: Modesty is overrated! While radiant Venus beams into your fifth house of amour and glamour, you get a Grade A glow-up! Lose the humblebrags and boldly show the world how enchanting and entertaining you can be. Do something that scares you a little, like speaking up in a meeting and presenting your killer idea or grabbing the mic at karaoke night. Whether single or attached, engage in some unabashed flirting to give yourself a case of spring fever.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) Venus in Taurus transit horoscope

Does Chez Aquarius reflect your personality or could it stand some sprucing up? Whether you just need a fresh coat of paint or a radical makeover, Venus’ three-week tour of your domestic fourth house from March 16 until April 11 is sure to call forth your interior decorator. Browsing the shelter blogs and Pinterest or just pulling color swatches at the paint store will set your imagination racing. Thinking of a move? Start cruising those listings during the Venus in Taurus transit.

Pisces (February 19-March 20) Venus in Taurus transit horoscope

Don’t hold back, Pisces! While charismatic Venus tours your expressive third house until April 11, people will be grooving on your every word. The love planet can also help you communicate your amorous desires—because, no, people can’t actually read your mind. Let your S.O. know what you fancy for dinner AND in the boudoir. Single and wading in the online dating pool? Upload a sexy new profile picture and start swiping right with abandon.

Here’s a soundtrack for the Venus in Taurus transit, compiled by Astrostyle’s resident mixologist, Jennifer Newman, AKA Astralselector.

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What are the Venus in Taurus transit dates?

The dates of the Venus in Taurus transit are March 16 to April 11, 2023. Next up? Venus transit through communicative Gemini from April 11 to May 7, 2023.

Where will Venus be in 2023?

AQUARIUS: December 9, 2022 to January 2, 2023
PISCES: January 26-February 20
ARIES: February 20-March 16
TAURUS: March 16-April 11
GEMINI: April 11-May 7
CANCER: May 7-June 5
LEO: June 5-October 8 (RETROGRADE: July 22-September 3)
VIRGO: October 8-November 8
LIBRA: November 8-December 4
SCORPIO: December 4-December 29

Learn your Venus sign!

Venus directs your personal style, from your taste in clothes and decor to what you find visually appealing. Here’s where you’re creative, indulgent and romantic. You may have greater ease receiving gifts and support in the realms your Venus sign rules.

As the zodiac’s peacekeeping diplomat, Venus helps you negotiate compromises. Just beware the “nice disease” in the area of life your Venus placement rules. This conflict-averse planet can also make you a bit too quick to settle or accept peace at any price. You may need to strengthen your backbone a bit, so that you don’t wind up saying “maybe,” when you mean “no.”

Use our cosmic calculator below to discover what zodiac sign and house Venus was in when you were born. To accurately determine the house, you will need to know your birth time.

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What does your Venus sign mean?

Now you can read your Venus in Taurus transit horoscope in this article for your Sun sign and your Venus sign! This can give you a more tailored prediction for how you’ll experience the transit. For example if you’re an Aries but your Venus sign is Pisces, you can read both the Aries and the Pisces Venus in Aquarius transit horoscopes for a fuller picture.

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