Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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FPL Gameweek 25-29: Which teams have the best fixtures?

Some managers find this next, chaotic part of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) season exciting. Some definitely don’t.With Double Gameweek 25 imminent for four...

Who has the best fixtures from FPL Gameweek 16 onwards?

Frisking the Fixtures returns as we take a look at the teams and players with attractive medium-term fixture runs from Gameweek 16.An overview of...

FPL champion: My pick of the players with the best fixtures

In the latest article from our team of Hall of Famers and guest contributors, reigning worldwide champion Ali (FPL Gunz) uses our Season Ticker...

FPL Gameweeks 14-16 rotation: Which teams are most at risk?

The first midweek round of Premier League fixtures of 2023/24 is almost here.For Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers, the spectre of rotation looms large...

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