Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Deluded World Cup claim slaps Australia in the face

Don’t forget. History is written by the victor.When the story is told of Australia’s historic World Cup 2023 triumph, none of this whining will...

Two dead in tragic fallout to India’s World Cup final defeat

Two people died in the hours following Australia’s victory in the Cricket World Cup final on Monday morning in India. The host country has...

India called out over World Cup trophy snub amid ‘awkward’ Cummins moment

The hurt was simply too much. Indian players have been called out for snubbing Australia’s trophy celebrations after Monday morning’s extraordinary Cricket World Cup...

‘Huge mess’: Pakistan threatens to boycott World Cup as bitter rivalry reaches boiling point

The chairman of Pakistan’s Cricket Board is demanding his side’s World Cup games are moved out of host country India if their arch rivals...

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