Friday, February 23, 2024

Scratch cards are “not an investment”

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“Lotteries, such as scratch cards or the euromillions, are not an investment. In fact, the most likely thing is to lose all the money wagered. Scratch cards are entertainment enjoyed by many people who play for the shot of dopamine that is released in the brain when a prize comes out”, says the consumer protection organisation.

As it “provides frequent wins — more immediate than EuroMillions — it quickly becomes addictive”.

However, DECO Proteste leaves a piece of advice: “Resist allowing yourself to play successively, get to know the rules of the game better and know how to minimise losses”.

The organization explains that each scratch card is a game, in which a certain number of tickets are issued. “Of these, only a few have a prize” and “the more tickets there are with a prize, the easier it will be to win”.

“But, as a general rule, the greater number of prizes is offset by their lower value. In other words, the scratch cards that promise the biggest prize are the hardest to find because they have a smaller circulation”.

DECO also gives a tip: “When scratching, look for those that ‘promise’ a smaller prize. And don’t forget that this is a game whose probability of winning the biggest prize is, almost always, ‘one in a million'”.

“When you pick up a scratch card, turn it over and read the regulations. Pay special attention to the percentage of the issued capital distributed as a prize. The higher, the better “, says the organisation.

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