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Portugal achieves a record-breaking €215.3 million in online gambling revenue in Q3 – Games Magazine Brasil

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Some €133.4m of revenue in Q3 came from online games of chance, up 50.5% year-on-year. This was a new segment record and also represented 62.0% of all online gambling revenue in the quarter.

Consumers spent €3.65bn on this form of gambling in Q3, up 47.2% and another new record for Portugal. Slots accounted for 82.3% of this total spend, with French roulette at 6.4% and blackjack 6.2%.

The overall increase in online revenue in Portugal comes despite an ongoing decline within the sports betting market.

Sports betting revenue in Q3 amounted to €81.9m. This was 17.7% higher than the previous year but 2.5% lower than Q2 and the third consecutive quarter of decline.

Player spending on online sports wagering was 12.1% higher year-on-year at €390.5m. Of this total, 71.4% of bets were placed on football, 22.2% tennis and 6.4% across other sports.


Portugal land-based gambling revenue also increases

Away from online and into the land-based sector, revenue for this segment also climbed. In Q3, revenue from land-based gambling amounted to €76.1m, up 14.0% year-on-year.

Physical slot machines accounted for €57.2m of this total, up 1.0% on the previous year and 75.1% of all revenue in Q3. The other €18.9m came from casino-style and bingo games a rise of 35.6%.

Baccarat gambling generated €5.9m in Q3 revenue, American roulette €5.8m and blackjack €3.3m.

Source: GMB

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