Thursday, February 29, 2024

NFL Odds: The Favorites To Sign Saquon Barkley, Revealed

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There is a real possibility of Saquon Barkley leaving in free agency, especially if the New York Giants end up using their franchise tag on quarterback Daniel Jones.

With that said, there are already a number of teams who are considered frontrunners to land the star running back should he end up packing his bags away from the Big Apple. According to the latest odds, the Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs could be in play for the 26-year-old’s services.

The Bears have the best odds to sign Barkley at +400, with the Bills next in line at +500. The Broncos are a close one at +550, with the new Super Bowl champs in the Chiefs at +600.

It’s not a surprise why the Bears are the frontrunners, though. Chicago possesses the most cash to spend this free agency, having over $100 million in salary cap room. Barkley is looking for a big payday–even declining a contract offer from the Giants worth $12 million per year during the bye week–so it only makes sense that he’d choose the team that could meet his financial demands.

Of course all talks about Barkley potentially leaving the Giants are mere rumors right now. As reported a couple of weeks ago, the star RB and the franchise have been negotiating a new deal that will keep Barkley in New York for the foreseeable future. The two are said to be hoping to reach a new deal before free agency opens up on March 15.

The Giants will surely want to prevent Barkley’s departure, especially after the big season he had. If they let him walk away, the team will undoubtedly take a huge step backwards.

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