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Jamie Dornan’s Portugal Trip: Hospitalized with Heart Attack-like Symptoms Due to Toxic Caterpillars | – Times of India

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Jamie Dornan had a scary experience during his recent trip to Portugal when he was hospitalized with symptoms resembling a heart attack, caused by toxic caterpillars. His friend, Gordon Smart, shared the incident on the BBC’s The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected podcast.

Smart explained that both he and Dornan initially attributed their discomfort to a night of heavy drinking.

However, they later discovered that toxic processionary caterpillars were the actual culprits. Smart recounted feeling a tingling in his left hand and tickling in his left arm, which he initially thought could be the start of a heart attack. Rushed to the hospital, he was eventually discharged.
Upon returning to the hotel, Smart found Dornan unwell. Dornan revealed that his left arm and leg went numb, and he ended up in the back of an ambulance. Interestingly, as Dornan left the hospital, paramedics asked for a selfie with him.
A week later, the doctor informed Smart that toxic caterpillars were likely the cause of their health scare. Apparently, caterpillars on golf courses in southern Portugal had been causing harm, even leading to fatalities in dogs and heart attacks in men in their 40s.
Smart emphasized their luck in surviving the encounter with the hairy processionary caterpillars. He concluded by saying, “So there’s my story; the good news is it wasn’t a caffeine overdose, it wasn’t a hangover — it was a poisonous, toxic caterpillar.”

In essence, Jamie Dornan and Gordon Smart’s vacation took an unexpected turn as they faced health issues due to toxic caterpillars, adding a unique twist to their travel tale.

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