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Govt lied to Goans, HC on OCI issue: Ferreira | Goa News – Times of India

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Panaji: The ministry of external affairs (MEA) has not only deceived Goans but has also misled the high court of Bombay at Goa in proceedings pertaining to the issuance of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card, said Congress on Monday.
Aldona MLA Carlos Ferreira said the ministry deliberately suppressed the April 30 corrigendum when the case came up for hearing on May 6, one day before the Lok Sabha elections were held in Goa.
“The corrigendum was released on April 30, but it was not released on that day or the day later. It was released only after the elections in Goa were held,” said Ferreira. “Govt did not even inform the HC about this corrigendum. It was its duty to tell the HC. You cannot mislead the HC. This is contempt of court because you have brought misleading documents to court.”
Ferreira said that the MEA, govt’s legal team, and the chief minister must issue a clarification and inform the court about the MEA’s corrigendum.
“The corrigendum says that the MHA is only considering the option to accept the revocation certificate. Govt of India has committed contempt and has not disclosed that there was a corrigendum. I don’t think the HC will let it go lightly,” said Ferreira.
He said that BJP’s intention from the start was to misguide voters in Goa and give a false sense of relief to those who gave up their Indian citizenship for Portuguese nationality and also those who only registered their birth in Portugal.
“BJP and the chief minister went around saying that the issue had been solved. It has not been solved. The issue is not just about a revocation certificate. We wanted a one-time amnesty for those who have registered their births in Portugal with no intention to give up their Indian nationality,” said Ferreira.

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