Saturday, June 15, 2024

Firefighters rescue Vietnamese pig

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Firefighters from the municipality of Espinho, in Almada, in the district of Aveiro, rescued, on Monday, a Vietnamese pig “which had been seen to be apparently disoriented/apathetic”.

“Today we were called to rescue an animal, which, despite being different from our usual routine, was carried out promptly. It was a Vietnamese pig that had been seen apparently disoriented/apathetic, several times, by people in the local areas”, according to a post on Instagram.

They added that “despite the existence of a nearby rural area, it was not possible to determine whether it was wild or domesticated”.

The animal was taken care of by the Municipal Veterinary Medical Service “which will carry out its referral and, if necessary, provide care”, the note states.

The firefighters conclude by noting that “Vietnamese pigs have a “challenging” nature and tremendous strength”. “We found out today!”, they add.

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