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Fifty Shades Actor Jamie Dornan Hospitalised With ‘Heart Attack Symptoms’ During Portugal Vacation

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Fifty Shades Actor Jamie Dornan Hospitalised With ‘Heart Attack Symptoms’ During Portugal Vacation

Gordon Smart, a friend of actor Jamie Dornan, has now revealed the harrowing experience of both falling mysteriously ill during a boys’ trip to Portugal last year. Initially attributing their symptoms to excessive drinking, they later discover the cause – toxic pine processionary caterpillars.

Boozy Boys’ Trip Takes a Frightening Turn

Fifty Shades Actor Jamie Dornan
Fifty Shades Actor Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan, renowned for his role in Belfast,” faced a health scare during a vacation in Portugal, as disclosed by his friend Gordon Smart. The duo, enjoying a lively boys’ trip with other friends, experienced alarming symptoms, initially assumed to be a consequence of their spirited night out.

Misattributed Symptoms and Hospital Visit

On BBC’s The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected podcast, Smart detailed their presumed hangover symptoms, which included tingling and numbness. Fearing a heart attack, Smart sought medical attention. At the hospital, he confessed to a night of heavy drinking, prompting disapproval from the doctor.

A Shared Scare

After Smart’s discharge, he found Dornan in a similar predicament, hooked up to medical equipment. Dornan recounted his own scare, involving numbness in limbs and an ambulance ride. Smart humorously added that even in this situation, paramedics asked Dornan for a selfie as he left the hospital. Jamie Dornan, known for his discomfort with the spotlight, previously expressed reluctance in taking on roles like Fifty Shades of Grey.

The Shocking Revelation

A week later, the cause of their health scare came to light – toxic pine processionary caterpillars prevalent on Portuguese golf courses. These caterpillars, armed with irritating proteins, were responsible for skin, eye, and throat irritations, allergic reactions, and, in some cases, heart attacks.

Fortunate Escape from Nature’s Peril

The revelation left Smart and Dornan grateful for their fortunate escape, highlighting the dangers posed by seemingly harmless creatures. The small hairs of these caterpillars contain thaumetopoein, causing a range of health issues.

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