Friday, March 1, 2024

Car rental 60% cheaper depending on the time of year

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The company explains, in a statement, that it “analysed its data relating to the average cost of renting a car in the months of December, January and February, compared to the months of June, July and August” and “the prices in some of the most popular destinations were found to be up to three-quarters lower in the winter months.”

In Portugal, for example, renting a car in winter can cost €14.25, but in summer the price rises to €35.78, up 60%, according to the study.

As part of this study, the company “calculated the average cost of renting a car in different countries, using its rental records in more than 180 countries over the past year”.

“The average cost of renting a car in summer is €43.47 per day, compared to €28.94 in winter – a difference of a third, that is, 33.4%”, it can be read.

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