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Bright meteorite lights up night sky across Portugal and Spain: Watch

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A bright meteorite lights up the night sky across Portugal and Spain

A bright meteorite, a fragment of space rocks, lightened up the night sky across Portugal and Spain on Saturday, May 18.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) explained, ”When meteoroids enter Earth’s atmosphere (or that of another planet, like Mars) at high speed and burn up, the fireballs or ‘shooting stars’ are called meteors. Meteoroids, rocks in space, range in size from dust grains to small asteroids.”

As per Mint, numerous social media users shared the breathtaking video that showed a colossal meteorite streaking across the sky.

The video of a blue, bright light in the sky instantly went viral and left an internet frenzy.

A user who shared the video on X (formerly Twitter) said, “UNREAL!! MASSIVE Meteor sighting over Portugal! To see a streak like this is a once-in-a-lifetime event! No word on whether it hit Earth and became a Meteorite! Also seen for Hundreds of miles! Wow.”

Another user commented, “Here’s where I’m weirded out. The person filming it probably missed actually seeing it. I thank you for your service.”

A user on the image posted on Reddit noted, “Wow, this was impressive, so bright! From the colour, it seems to be made of magnesium.”

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