Sunday, February 25, 2024

Arcese launches ‘triangular’ service to connect four countries

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Italian intermodal company Arcese has inaugurated a new rail freight service that will connect Italy, Austria, Germany, and Romania. The innovative aspect of this circular, or rather triangular, service is that it will connect four different markets, whereas traditional services only link two.

For its first phase, the service has one weekly roundtrip scheduled, but, as an Arcese spokesperson told, the frequency will be doubled in the third quarter of 2023. The four destinations touched by this service are the Terminali Italia in Verona, the TSSU terminal in Hall, the Samskip Terminal in Duisburg, and the Trade Trans Terminal in Curtici. Most of the traction operations are carried out by TX Logistik, except for the sections in Romania and Hungary, entrusted to Hungarian company Fox Rail.

As the Arcese spokesperson pointed out, the service is an example of modal shift from road to rail. It will be suitable for trailers and swap bodies and will involve “all sorts of goods, from automotive to e-commerce, general cargo, coils, and home appliances”, the spokesperson added. Below is the timetable for the new services.

Image: © Arcese

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