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21-year-old gangster: Portugal-based Bhau latest headache for Delhi cops | Delhi News – Times of India

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NEW DELHI: He’s barely 21 but already has a red corner notice issued against him by Interpol. Meet Himanshu aka Bhau – a gangster believed to be in Portugal – who has become the latest headache for the city’s police and people.

These days, when gunshots ring out at a business outlet in Delhi, cops are quick to ask the number of bullets fired. If it is over a dozen, the first suspicion is on Bhau.The more the number of bullets fired, the stronger is the probability of his involvement.
That’s how Bhau, originally a gangster from Haryana, has quietly penetrated the underworld of Delhi-NCR. In Dec 2023, Bhau’s henchmen had allegedly fired over 40 rounds at the office of a builder in Dwarka, making it the most brazen extortion-related incident of 2023.
In March this year, Bhau’s men fired 35-40 rounds at a liquor businessman, Sundar Malik, at Gulshan Dhaba, located between Delhi and Sonipat. The act, caught on CCTV, had sparked an outrage on social media. Though Bhau is not even five years old in the world of organised crime, the list of his alleged involvements is already quite long.
Bhau belongs to Ritauli village in Rohtak. One of the first documented crimes by him is that of attempted murder of a rival. He was a few months short of 18 in 2020 when the cops caught him for the attack. He was sent to a juvenile detention centre in Hisar but within weeks, he fled and went back to crime. In no time, he was wanted in at least 17 FIRs lodged in Jhajjar and Rohtak. Most of these pertained to murder, extortion and attempted murder.
In 2022, cops sensed that Bhau was trouble in the making and started tightening their noose around him. The reason – three killings that place in a span of 24 days in March. Bhau allegedly executed the murders on March 3, 7 and 28, sending cops in a tizzy. Massive raids followed on his alleged associates and hideouts.
Realising that police had woken up to his activities, Bhau managed to make a passport using forged documents and fled the country before a lookout circular could be issued against him. He allegedly fled to Dubai in late 2022, and then to Portugal.
In 2023, the law enforcement agencies cracked down hard on Bhau and his syndicate. In April last year, Haryana Police approached Interpol through CBI and got a red notice issued against him. Sleuths from National Investigation Agency, along with over 500 cops, raided about 50 locations between Rohtak and Delhi as part of the crackdown and seized 79 mobile phones, 50 SIM cards, foreign currency, live cartridges, passports and bank documents.
Since last year, Bhau turned his focus on Delhi-NCR, carrying out a series of extortion-related firings and frustrating city cops. While Haryana Police has announced reward of over Rs 1.5 lakh for the gangster, their Delhi counterparts have offered Rs 1 lakh.
Bhau is learnt to be operting with two close associates – Yogesh Kadian and Sahil – who are also abroad and have red notices issued against them. They have support from the Bambiha gang as well as some pro-Khalistan groups. Currently, part of the Babinha gang in the US, Kadian is considered an expert in state-of-the-art weapons. He had fled as a juvenile to the US on a fake passport when he was 17. Sahil, on the other hand, manages the extortion ring for Bhau, sources said.

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